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Don’t have the expertise or simply need more manpower for packaging or assembly tasks, or groundskeeping and environmental services? At Wase Werkplaats, we can help you with your projects. We are skilled in many different forms of manual labour. The accuracy of our 700 employees is complemented by our advanced machinery and equipment. We continue to strive towards flexible and efficient work methods to achieve or exceed the results our clients desire.

Take a look at our broad portfolio: Wase Werkplaats assists large and small-scale businesses in finding the perfect solution while retaining a high level of quality, impeccable hygiene, and good working conditions.

Need a helping hand for your business? Contact us with a description of your needs and we will provide you with a custom quote.

Developing special talents

As a social enterprise, Wase Werkplaats employs 700 people on a daily basis at three work shops: Beveren, Temse and Zele. In order to help people with less opportunities take control of their own work and living situation, we offer them a custom job that allows them to grow.

Laatste Nieuws

ISO 22.000

Food safety first


Wase Werkplaats vzw obtained the ISO 22.000 certificate. This label confirms we care much about food safety. We work by the highest hygienic standards and our ERP system guarantees the tracibility of all products in our company. We pack all food in optimal conditions, adjusted to different types of products.

Tasty collaboration with Quality by Design


Quality by Design QbD is advising us on pharmaceutical legislation. That's how we met. Soon, we got the idea to collaborate for a season's gift....

Release Wase Werkplaats Pharma


Today, Wase Werkplaats launches its new services: packaging and labelling of medicines and drugs. As we recently obtained our GMP label, we can...